How Do I Begin the Workout Process?

Our loan workout process is simple. The consultation and application process is completely free.

1. We will talk about your current situation

A qualified loan counselor will be assigned to you and we will listen to you with the goal of finding the best solution for you. We want to understand the difficulties you had or are currently facing,

2. We will explore options with you

One we understand the difficulties you have faced, we want to know what your goals are. If you want to stay in the home, we will come up with affordable payment plan. If you want to walk away, we will explore ways to return equity in property to you. During this step, you may discover attractive solutions that you may have overlooked in the past.

3. We will create a workout plan.

Together with our loan counselor, you will select a realistic option that is most attractive to you. Once it is reviewed and approved by the company, you will have a workout plan.

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