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When you have defaulted on mortgage, doing nothing is the worst option.

When you don’t pay your mortgage on time, you are in in default on your loan. Some homeowners make a costly mistake of ignoring the situation, wishing it will get solved eventually. Choosing not to deal with the default may have costly consequences.

Costs include fees and penalties which increase how much is owed, damage your credit score and ultimately, it can lead to you losing your home.  Most importantly, you add stress to your life.  Our staff is willing to help to get you back on track, you best choice is to call us and we will do everything we can to help you get back on track.


Dealing with it later will always lead to the following penalties:

Late Fees

Whenever you miss a payment, you are incurring a late payment penalty to your loan.

Default-Related Fees

When you are in default on your loan, your loan servicer will conduct additional activities to manage the loan. These activities include property inspection, property preservation, and legal proceeding such as foreclosure initiation. Your lender can charge you for some or all of these fees, which can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars over time.


If you are in default, your servicer may start the foreclosure process. Not only will this add to the costs you will have to pay to bring your account current, but the foreclosure filing will be a matter of public record. This will make it tougher for you to get credit and buy or even rent another home in the future. If you can not bring your loan current or work out another solution, your home could be sold at a foreclosure auction. In many states, you also may be responsible for paying a “deficiency judgment.” That is the difference between what you owe and the price the home sells for at the foreclosure auction.

If you are in default with a loan from Certis Financial, please contact us immediately, we will help!



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Commercial Loans

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Residential Loan

Certis Financial is a national loan company. We specialize in helping homeowners explore their options when they need help with a delinquent mortgage.  Our goal is not to force you into a plan, instead we help you to make a plan that works best.  Please contact us  to start the process.

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